柔紗簾 Gauze blind



Gauze blind

The gauze blinds are made of textile fabric. It is designed with the operation of roller blind, applied with the gauze fabric material and the design of venetian blind. It includes both the characteristics of the use of roller blind and light adjusting function of venetian blind. Sunlight can also be softened by using gauze blind.
垂直柔紗簾 Sheer Vertical Shade



Sheer Vertical Shade

Sheer vertical shades are operated horizontally and can be designed as vertical wave shape. The soft wave-shaped design can create layering of the curtain. They are mostly used for French windows. Moreover, the soften light makes the interior more elegant and classy.
捲簾 Roller Blind



Roller Blind

Roller blinds are made of fibre and have simple design. The cylindrical vertical design ensures that the blind will not block the window when it is folded. This increases the spaciousness in the room without taking up additional spaces. It can be combined as day and night blinds, giving you the control of the light and privacy in your home.
斑馬簾 Twist Shade



Twist Shade

Twist shades combine the advantages of roller blinds that block light and the light adjusting function of venetian blinds. They are light in weight and allow the shade for light control from open to closed. It is named as “Zebra” in Chinese because of its unique double-layer design, with solid bands and sheer shades overlapping to form a zebra pattern.
羅馬簾 Roman Shade


比同樣是垂直開闔的捲簾更立體和具層次感。為布藝窗簾款式之一,布款繁多,容易與沙發丶裱布丶寢具配搭。常用於小型窗戶,而香港居住空間偏細小,上下式的羅馬簾用於小型窗戶比左右式 S 簾更節省空間,美觀又實用。

Roman Shade

Roman shades have greater layering than roller blind, with same horizontal operation method. It is also one of the types of fabric curtains but with more styles and patterns. Therefore, they can match with different sofas, framed fabric arts and beddings. As roman shades are commonly used in small windows, with limited living space in Hong Kong, roman blinds save more space than horizontally-operated S blinds, which is practical and stylish.
垂直簾 Vertical Blind



Vertical Blind

Vertical blinds are made of fibre, and the blades of curtains are hung vertically on the rails which create heavy drape of the curtains. The design of horizontal operation enables the blinds to block the sunlight. The fibre also makes the curtain ventilating and a neat and classy style can be created.
百葉簾 Venetian Blind



Venetian Blind

The noble and elegant hard wood material creates Japanese and elegant style. Straps and ropes can be equipped. Moreover, the blades are adapted tight and fit by the side perforated design. Control the light and air circulation by adjusting the angle of blades and blocks out the light.
木百葉簾 Wooden Venetian Blind


採用優質木簾。備有多款簾片尺寸、顏色及紋理選擇,為家居添上優雅別緻的自然氣息。 先進的生產技術為木質簾片提供更佳保護,令典雅的木簾更耐用。

Wooden Venetian Blind

High quality wood blinds are used. A variety of sizes, colors and textures of slats are available. Create the natural and elegant atmosphere to your home by choosing wooden venetian blinds. Advanced production technology provides better protection for the slats and makes them more durable.
風琴簾(蜂巢簾) Honeycomb Shade



Honeycomb Shade

The honeycomb design stores air in the hollow layer, which is able to insulate sound and heat. In summer, it insulates the heat outside from flowing indoor, and keeps the temperature warm when it is cold outside. It can be combined with day and night curtain to adjust the daylight based on your personal preference.