Window Screen

蚊帳 Window Screen



Window Screen

Prevent mosquito breeding problems by installing window fly screen. It protects the residents from bitten by the mosquitoes and reduces the risks of infecting vector-borne diseases. Installing fly screen on windows or doors could prevent mosquitoes from flying into the flat. Furthermore, the wires of the net are thin and in high density, which also allows daylight entering indoor without affecting the lighting of the flat.
貓網 (透明窗花) Cat net (Transparent window grille)

貓網 (透明窗花)


Cat net (Transparent window grille)

Install cat net to prevent cats jumping off the window accidentally to minimize the chance of injuries and accidents. The transparent design of window grilles makes it different from the ordinary types of cat net. Because of its transparency, you could enjoy the view without blockage. Not hindering you from enjoying the scenes outside and at the same time protect the safety of the cats at home.